10 powerful habits that can help you achieve your purpose

Habits are things we do often and sometimes unconsciously which could be good or bad. There are certain habits that propel success in life. This article is about 10 of those powerful habits that can help you achieve your purpose.

If you do a research on successful people, you would find they exhibit certain habits that made them successful.

There are certain habits that are ”MUST-HAVES” in order to successfully live and achieve our purpose in life. On the other hand, there are some habits that should be eliminated or changed to achieve the same purpose as well. 

Often, good habits replace bad ones so I would be concentrating on some good habits that are essential to achieving one’s purpose. These habits are referred to as ‘’ONE SIZE FITS ALL’’. They are not for particular individuals with particular purpose, they are for everyone irrespective of your purpose.

I must say it takes discipline and consciousness to form some good habits. If you are of saying to yourself ”I need to form good habits to succeed with my purpose” but you do not know how to go about it, here are the 10 powerful habits that would help kick start you to living a purposeful life.


Forming the habit of writing down your dreams, goals, and vision cannot be overemphasized. By writing them down they would inspire you and serve as a constant reminder. 

If you don’t write them down I am almost certain you would forget most of them and get distracted with time. Having your goals written down helps you stay focused and helps you measure your progress.

Writing down your dreams, goals, and vision is a biblical principle found in Habakkuk 2:2 which says ‘’write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it’’ (NKJV).

Place the written vision, dreams and goals somewhere you can see it every day and all the time. I highly recommend having a vision board. I have an awesome vision board on my mobile phone and I go through my vision board twice a day, sometimes more. 

Do not limit your dreams. DREAM BIG. Write down everything you want and have imagined because we have a God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that ‘’WE ASK OR THINK’’, according to the power that works in us. (See Ephesians 3:20) NKJV.


No one is born organized even though some people are NATURALLY more organized than others. Being organized is a habit that can be formed, meaning anyone can be organized. Having an organized life involves having an organized home, car, workplace, and generally anywhere you spend your time. 

Being organized reduces stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. When your life is organized you can manage your time properly as you have everything under control and have everything in their proper place, making things easily accessible. Organized people achieve more in less time and spend more time on what’s really important. 

Do not procrastinate on getting organized. Start gradually and concentrate on organizing one area at a time, declutter as much as possible, give away things you do not need, shop only for things you really need and when all is sorted, make conscious effort to keep things that way going forward.


Learning to say no is an important habit to have. Most times it is a lifesaver. We must learn to say no to anything or anyone that takes us further away from our goals and dreams.

Learning to be in control of our choices and decisions should be a top priority and in doing that we would have to say no a lot to certain requests, invitations, relationships, and certain people.

Sometimes we inconvenience ourselves just to please others because we feel committed to them and don’t want to let them down or we feel we would not be accepted and would be the odd one out if we say no. 

Trust me when I say nothing is worth your peace of mind. If what you are expected to do would cost you your peace or make you compromise or lower your standards and take you further away from your purpose then all you should be saying is ‘’HELL NO’’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for going out of your way to please people as it is a Christian thing to do sometimes but wisdom needs to be applied if not we would be consistently taken advantage of.

You can politely tell someone ”no”. Also, it is not all the time you have to justify or explain your reason for saying no, sometimes it is necessary but not all the time. 

There are some instances in the bible where God made it clear that it is ok to say no. The Parable of The Ten Virgin is a perfect example. The five wise virgins had to say no to the request of the 5 foolish virgins to give them some of their extra oil for their lamps because granting their request might cost them their ultimate goal of meeting the bridegroom. (See Matthew 25: 1-13).


To me, this is the most important habit to form. I wouldn’t be able to form or do any of the other habits successfully without the habit of spending time with God.

I advise taking out time first thing in the morning to spend time with God. I know some of us have a really busy schedules in the mornings and we just rush out of bed to start the day. You can spare 10 to 15 minutes at least. 

It is always a great idea to tell God how grateful you are to see another day and to commit your day unto his hands by asking him to take control of you and your day.

We need God’s grace and his wisdom to successfully live a purposeful life and the only way to access these is to spend time communicating with him through prayers and spending time getting to know to him and his will for us through studying and meditating on his words.

We can get whatever we want out of life as long as it is in accordance with the will of God. God has destined each and everyone for something great but all we need to do is to earnestly seek him first then all other things we want shall be given to us. (See Matthew 6:33).


Show me a successful person who is not prudent with their finances.

Take control of money and you would be grateful you did. We get into a lot of catastrophe in life because we allow money to control us.

Even the bible says in 1 Timothy 6:10 ‘’for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs’’.

We get into debt, unhealthy relationships, wrong jobs, addictions, come under unnecessary pressures and whole other stuff all because of the control of money over us.

Take control of money by living within your means, do not spend more than you get. Living above our means is the main reason a lot of people are in debt. Have a budget and stick to your budget.

Don’t go trying to impress and show off to the next person at your own detriment. Cut down on things that are unnecessary and look for cheaper options for things you cannot afford.

Don’t go borrowing money for things that can be avoided or can be done later when you can afford it. Get out of debt as quickly as you can.

Invest in things that can generate more money and save as much as you can. It is important to save no matter how little especially for unexpected circumstances.


There is a need to constantly engage in activities that improve and add value to us and the quality of our life. 

There are so many things to do to improve and add value to our lives. We can improve our health by eating healthy and exercising. We can broaden our horizons by reading, traveling, learning a new skill or language, picking up new hobbies, taking up a task or a project. The list is endless.

Don’t just let go or give up on yourself. Keep thriving to be the best version of yourself. There is so much potential in every one of us and we just need to discover these potentials.

Sometimes we just need some training and a little pushing of ourselves to bring it to the limelight. In 2 Timothy 1:6, we are reminded to fan into flame the gift of God which is in us.


A lot of people are becoming so addicted to technology. One of the first things people do in the morning is to go straight to their phones. Some people wake up at intervals at night just to check their phones and get updates on what’s happening in other people’s life.

Technology is so important and beneficial in today’s world but like the saying goes ‘’too much of everything is bad’’. We ought to have a healthy relationship with technology.

We need to unplug from using so much technology as much as we can especially when you realize it causes you undue stress, sleep deprivation, loneliness, depression, envy, jealousy, and some physical ailment.

Take out time to reconnect with yourself and be present in your environment and the activities happening around you. Enjoy good moments with friends and family. Don’t focus on seeing what others are doing or have that you become ungrateful for the things you have.

Please be aware that that most of the things we see online and on social media are far from the true representation of people’s life.

At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to reduce the time I spend on social media, surfing the internet and watching TV and I can see the benefits already. I am more productive as I have more time to do more important things, I spend more quality time with my family, I have more time for myself to breathe, plan and meditate. I have set hours and time for technology and I’m working on reducing further the amount of time I spend on technology asides work.


No matter the circumstances of your life right now I can assure you there are people you are doing better than. Never wait until you feel you are most comfortable and capable before you can help someone.

Helping other people is noble and rewarding. It is also a good way to distract you from your own problems or worries and add joy to your life as there is a joy that comes with adding value or helping someone else.

There is always something to do to help someone else. It doesn’t have to always be something so big. Even the littlest things count. It can just be you giving a smile or words of encouragement to someone else, or acts of service towards friends, family or people generally. You could donate to charity or give out the things you no longer need to others who need them. 

You could volunteer to some work at charitable organizations, you could help people who have pressing financial needs. Just show compassion and selflessness as much as you can.

God would bless you for it as he is really interested in the way we treat others. He wants us to show love, give love, act love and be love. (See Hebrews 6:10).


As long as you are alive, there is so much to be grateful for no matter where you presently stand. Most times, we are overwhelmed by some negative circumstances in our life that we forget to show and practice gratitude.

Every morning I start my day by consciously reflecting on things I should be grateful for. Sometimes it brings me to tears because God has been so good to me. I say thank you to God for everything he does for me; I try not to take them for granted. I am getting myself a gratitude journal to help me easily reflect on the things I should be grateful for. 

I also show gratitude to people who help me one way or the other. When we show gratitude and appreciation both to God and humans, it propels more blessings and people feel encouraged to do more for you.

Do not wait until everything is so rosy before you practice gratitude. Be grateful in all circumstances. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:18). I suggest you take out time regularly to visit the hospitals around you and see the situation of people. I bet you would have so much to be grateful for afterwards. 


1 Corinthians 15:33 says ‘’Do not be misled bad company corrupts good character’’.

The people you associate with play a crucial role in your success or your downfall. You need to be really choosy with the company you keep.

Get rid of negative people who are quick to discourage you or distract you from goals and dreams. Also, stay far away from people who always talk you down or make you feel worthless or incapable of achieving anything.

Associate with like minds and people going the same direction with you, with people who are successful and have achieved what you desire to achieve. People, who would always encourage, push and give you guidance where necessary.

I encourage people to have accountability partners. It should be someone reasonable or someone you look up to.

In conclusion, you do not have to form these habits all at once. You would be overwhelmed if you try to. Take them gradually and ask God for his grace to be consistent and persistent in forming these habits.


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