The 9 easy-start business ideas for women in this article are ideas you probably have come across countless times.

I have chosen to write about them because they are brilliant ideas that most women ignore.

These business ideas can help you to either make money on the sides or it could become a full-time business that would get you to quit your regular 9am to 5pm job with time.

Most women really struggle with balancing family life and working a 9am to 5pm job especially women with young children.

There is this struggle between wanting to be a dedicated wife and mother and being able to earn a living to support the family or have your own money for your personal needs.

Starting your own business is in most cases a good solution to the aforementioned struggle.

The problem is, most women hold back because they feel they need so much money to start up a business. 

There are some other excuses they give like the ones I have discussed in one of my articles titled ‘’9 EXCUSES FOR NOT STARTING UP YOUR BUSINESS WITH REASONS TO OVERCOME THEM.

The following small business ideas are ideas that can grow into something big with hard work, diligence, dedication, and persistence.


There are two main types of cleaning businesses. There is the domestic or residential cleaning business and there is the commercial cleaning business. 

The woman with a purpose.

For starts, I would recommend the domestic/residential cleaning. This type of cleaning involves cleaning homes which can be done by you as soon as you get some clients without needing any staff or assistance. 

It is a good way to start because you can start just by yourself without hiring other people; this saves you money. 

Also, the equipment needed for domestic cleaning is much cheaper compared to commercial cleaning. Most times the cleaning equipment is provided by the household so you won’t really be spending much.

As your client base grows, you might consider getting extra hands to help out.

Getting clients for a domestic cleaning business is also a lot easier than the commercial cleaning business. You can start by cleaning for friends and family. You can create flyers that can be shared door to door.

There are always people who need home cleaning services.

As the cleaning business grows, you can expand into commercial cleaning as well which involves cleaning offices.

With diligence and hard work, you can build a reputable cleaning business and as time goes on you can have a well-structured business like developing a brand, having an office and a cleaning van.

As the business develops, you might decide to step back from doing the cleaning yourself and just handle the administrative aspects while your staffs do the cleaning.


Childminding business is a good business for women who enjoy the company of children and love nurturing them.

This is also a good business for women who have had to leave their jobs to look after their children. You can look after other people’s children at the same time for a fee.

To commence a childminding business, certain things need to be in place.

You need a space to host and look after the children. You can start by using your home if it is spacious enough. It would also be a plus if you have a garden or space for an outdoor play area. You can just start with one or two children and grow from there.

It is also advisable to carry out all the legal requirements like the necessary initial certification and registration that involves starting up a childminding business such as a first aid certification course, childminder insurance and all other requirements in your country.

Also, make yourself aware of the number of children you are allowed to look after by law. It is important not to break the law while doing anything.

You will also need to shop for toys and other bits and pieces for children.

It is advisable to start small and easy like looking after your friend’s and relative’s children for a fee, then you build up from there.

The business can grow into something big as there are so many people in need of good childminders. 

I have a friend who was an accountant but had to leave her job to look after her kids. She started a childminding business by first looking after two of her friend’s kids. 

she now has a bigger space for children, 3 staff working for her and a well-branded childminding business that pays off really well. 

I must say she is really comfortable and her business has really grown.

With this business, you have to be a really patient and loving person. It shouldn’t be all about the money. You should be genuinely interested and concerned about the growth and development of the children.


Being a hair-dresser is a very lucrative business to go into if you do have the skill. If you do not have the skill but have an interest, you can easily acquire the skill by training at a hairdressing academy.

You can find a good and affordable hairdressing school around you by googling. I advise that you check out the reviews on the courses or schools you find.

Once you have the skill, you can start up immediately without having a salon by being a mobile hairdresser.

All you need is to purchase the necessary equipment needed for hairdressing like towels, combs, hairspray, brushes, shampoo, etc.

As a mobile hairdresser, you have time flexibility. You can work at your own pace, you save a lot of money from not paying rent and other utilities; you have a close and better relationship with your clients.

If there is any licensing requirement in your area for hair dressers, please comply and get the necessary license and I advise you get general liability insurance as well.

Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with little beginnings and I always advise starting out with the people around you like friends and family. You can also make simple flyers and business cards; you can knock door to door to advertise your services as well.

With time, as your business grows, you can become more structured like renting a space, registering your business, having a detailed business plan, etc.


Being a good make up artist is one skill I have always desired and admired. I have that as one of my goals, not as a business though.

Starting a business as a mobile make up artist or a nail technician is lucrative. You can do both at the same time because they go well together or you can start with one and include the other as time goes on.

The woman with a purpose

The first thing is to acquire a good makeup or nail technician training and certification. There are so many people with these skills so I advise you to learn how to do them properly so you can stand out.

Practice makes perfect so practice as much as you can through make up classes and nail fixing classes online and offline.

Let your skills reflect in your appearance. I wouldn’t want to hire the services of someone who is wearing horrible makeup or nails. It just doesn’t tell well of the services you have to offer.

I advise you to have a good make up and nail kit. It doesn’t have to be very expensive; you can start with good affordable products and advance with time.

Be creative and be up to date with the make up and nail trends. Create your own uniqueness.

I always advise getting insurance for businesses like this as you are dealing with people and their body parts.

Starting out as a mobile make up artist/ nail technician saves you the cost of renting a space. You also work at your own pace and you are your own boss.

With this business, there is an opportunity for growth. With patience and hard work, it can turn into something big and structured.


Do you enjoy taking pictures? Are you always taking pictures and posting them on Facebook and Instagram? 

As far as I’m aware, most ladies love taking pictures of what they eat, where they go, what they buy etc. You can turn your picture-taking hobby into a business.

For start, you can acquire affordable professional training in photography. Afterward, I advise you to take up an apprentice role for some time to get more practical experience in photography.

The woman with a purpose

Getting your qualification and training can take 3 to six months or even more depending on your learning abilities.

After your training, you may have to spend a bit of money to get a good camera. Getting a good camera is worth it because you get quality pictures from a good camera. This would keep your clients coming back to you and you get more clients from their good reviews.

You also need to decide what type of services you want to offer, whether for businesses or individuals. I advise you start with individuals like birthdays or personal shoots then weddings and parties with time.

With this business, marketing is really important. You can use a website, social media, word of mouth and brochures to advertise.

Start taking pictures of friends and families. 

Showcase your talent online as much as possible. Attend conferences and seminars geared towards your business.

Photography is a lucrative business with so many growth opportunities. You can start out at your own pace with no work space just being mobile then grow from there.


Oh, I love to shop! I enjoy window shopping as well and yes I’m a personal shopper on the side.

Send me to get anything from the store for you for a fee and I’m happy to do that.

The woman with a purpose

I make money from shopping for people. A lot of people do not have the time to shop themselves, some others do not have the ability or do not know how to get good stuff for themselves or find it overwhelming as it’s difficult for them to make up their mind on what they want.

If you enjoy shopping and you have an eye for quality and good stuff then you can consider starting up a business as a personal shopper.

It doesn’t have to be only for outfits…you can shop for just anything like groceries and household stuff. You can focus on just one if you prefer.

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a personal shopper. I didn’t get any qualifications myself.

You can charge for your services either by charging hourly or you can charge a percentage of what the items you are purchasing cost. I usually use both depending on the client and the items to be purchased.

I started out by word of mouth and by putting up an advert on social media. I started shopping for friends; I also created a page on Facebook and an Instagram account.

This business requires patience and consistency, it will grow with time.

All you need is a passion for shopping, a good camera phone so you can communicate and show your clients your findings and get approval from them before purchasing.

With this business, you do not need a lot of start-up money, though it takes a bit of time to build a client base and trust. Sometimes you may also encounter some hard to please very picky clients.


If you cook well and love to cook, this can be a good business for you.

A personal chef prepares meals for individuals or families who are too busy to cook or for people who do not know how to cook. They also prepare meals for special events like birthdays and corporate lunches.

As a personal chef, you can also be invited to the house or location of your client to prepare meals.

The woman with a purpose

While you do not need any training or experience to start up as a personal chef, I would advise getting some professional chef training and certification as your business progresses. 

This will help you stand out and allow you to charge more for your services.

With this business, the start-up cost is low as you are provided with the funds you need to carry out the cooking. You charge for your services as well.

You can grow your business at your own pace. Word of mouth advertising is a good way to get clients. Outlining and showcasing your abilities on social media and a website is also a good means of advertisement.

Know your craft and stand out with your etiquette and ethics because one fast way to build your client base is through referrals from satisfied clients.

With time, as the business grows, you can go into a catering business which is cooking on a larger scale for big events. Then you can hire other chefs or staff to work with you.

Remember to get your personal liability insurance.


Starting a sewing business from your home is a good idea if you know how to sew and if you don’t, you can always acquire the skill once you have an interest in it.

To start up your home sewing business, you would need to invest some money in buying equipment like a sewing machine, mannequins, optional tools, etc.

The woman with a purpose

Create a space in your home specifically for your sewing equipment and activities because sewing requires attention. Avoiding distraction would be a good idea.

I always advise starting with friends and family as your first clients. You can also make trending or unique outfits and sell online. You can create a website, a Facebook or Instagram store. You can also take your outfits to trade and craft fairs.

Set a good standard for your business. Be as efficient as much as you can. Always deliver to your clients at the agreed time. This will make you stand out and get you good reviews and referrals.

Please bear in mind that sewing for long periods can be hard on your body sometimes especially your back and thighs.

Pay attention to that by taking breaks regularly to stretch. I also recommend regular exercise and yoga.


So many people get confused when it comes to writing a curriculum vitae or resume. Some don’t know how to write a resume. 

If you are good at writing generally or good with writing your own resume, you can start that as a business.

Before you start, it would be a nice idea to brush up your resume writing skills by carrying out research on the up to date ways of resume writing.

You can start up small from your home. All you need is a good phone and computer/laptop.

The woman with a purpose

Start advertising your services by word of mouth, flyers on social media and marketing platforms online. As your business grows, it would be a nice idea to create a website.

There is a good growth opportunity for this business. As time goes on you can take short qualification courses to keep you up to date and improve your skills. 

Eventually, it can become a well-structured business. You can get office space and hire other people. With time you can also expand into proofreading and editing. 


These are just ideas to push you to start up something. Don’t go saying to yourself I don’t have the skill to do any of the ideas mentioned or I don’t have an interest in doing any of these.

You were not created to be idle; you can acquire these skills with the relevant training.

Yes, it would be a good idea to do something of interest. It would also be a better idea to discover your purpose on earth and start with it as soon as you can.

To discover your purpose, I encourage you to ask God. While you wait to hear from Him, I advise you to carry on with something you are interested in. DON’T STAY IDLE.


Don’t shy away from these ideas because you feel they are not fit for your status or social standing. 

Most successful people in the world started up small. If they were concerned about social standing they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Once you decide to start up a small business, I implore you to put in your best. 

Be patient with the business, give it time to grow. Don’t be quick to quit or give up because things are slow and not picking up. Everything that grows takes time even with business.

Take out time to read Proverbs 31:10-31 and also my article titled 9 Excuses for not starting up your business with reasons to overcome them.

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