The woman with a purpose

We all have a purpose in life, there is no one created without a purpose. our purpose is that which we were created to do or fulfill on earth and this article is all about how to discover that purpose through the help of God.

Our purpose is the reason for our existence as there is a void for every one of us to fill here on earth but the struggle most times is identifying one’s purpose.

Some of us at one point in our lives did not know for sure what our purpose in life was. We had to struggle to figure it out.

There are others who are certain about their purpose but struggles to live that purpose and bring it to reality.

There is also a category of people who go through life completely without knowing or living their purpose.

Our purpose is different from our goals or dreams. We can go through life achieving our goals and dreams like getting educated, having a good job, making money and having the good things of life without living our purpose.

The difference with living one’s purpose is the fulfillment, the joy, the contentment and the vigor experienced while doing that which we were created for. It is never a struggle when we are living and and implementing our purpose, you are happy to wake up to that life everyday.

Not until recently I fell into the category of those who did not know for sure what their purpose was. I was just living life, taking my chances and for sure making loads of mistakes over and over again. I took what life threw at me and made decisions for my life based on the societal norm.

I had my life going on as I was achieving some of my goals and dreams but with all that was going on for me, I still felt unfulfilled and sometimes frustrated because I knew deep down there was more to my life but I could not figure it out until I let God help me out.

I gave my life to God in 2010 during my 3rd year in the university but I wasted so many years even as a child of God living a life without my true purpose.

Trust me there were so many twist and turns, highs and lows and mistakes made till I finally acknowledged I needed God’s help and then things changed.

My life has taken a new direction. I found my purpose and I am living my purpose through the help of God. I wake up very hopeful each day and end the day with so much fulfillment each time I take steps towards achieving my purpose.

So I would love to share with you the steps I took to discover my purpose through the help of God as I strongly believe it would be helpful to so many out there. The steps I took involves:


We were created by God for a purpose and it is that purpose that we seek.

The bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 ”For I know the plans I have for you” declares the LORD, ”plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

The first step to discovering your purpose is to go to God and ask him to tell, show and make it clear to you what your purpose in life is.

The woman with a purpose

If you are saying to yourself ”but I do not have a relationship with God and how possible is it that he could make me aware of my purpose” then this is a good way to begin a relationship with God.

I am a living witness and a testimony that God does exist, he is the reason for our existence and he can right all your wrongs, give your life a new beginning and help you discover your purpose. All God wants you to do is to ask him and to trust him to show you the right path for your life. (see Proverbs 3:5-6).

Ask God by talking to him in prayer, pour your heart out to him letting him know you need his help to know and to live the life you were created for.

Do not let the guilt of sin or doubt stop you from asking. Go boldly to God who loves you unconditionally and confess your sins to him believing you are forgiven, then proceed with your request without holding back.

James 4:2 says, ”You do not have because you do not ask God”. The bible is filled with scriptures of God telling us to ask. Do not hold back from asking God for anything because that is the key to receiving from God, you must trust him enough to ask.


The first step to receiving anything from God is to ask but most importantly we have to believe that we would receive that which we have asked for if it’s in accordance with the will of God.

The woman with a purpose

Asking God with regards to our purpose is definitely his will for us so we must believe that he would answer our request. James 1:6-7 says ”but when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. THAT MAN SHOULD NOT THINK HE WILL RECEIVE ANYTHING FROM THE LORD”.

Doubt and unbelief are the main reasons for unanswered prayers. once we have asked God, we need to have faith and act out that faith by not having thoughts or doing and saying things that are contrary to what we have asked for.

It is very easy to slip into doubt unconsciously but we can always ask God for forgiveness and affirm that we trust and believe in him to answer our prayers.


How do I hear from God is a question asked by so many people even believers and I always say the first step to hearing from God is to believe that you would hear from him.

Then create an atmosphere to hear and to listen to him. prayer is a communication between you and God but most people go to God, say all they need to say to him and leave, without waiting to hear back from him. Remember it is a conversation so anticipate a response, do not rush up and leave.

God speaks to us most times through his word, through wisdom, through peace, and our intuition or thoughts. While waiting to hear from God it is very important to spend time studying and meditating on his word because most often God speaks to us through his word.

The woman with a purpose

While I was waiting on God to speak concerning my purpose I had to create an atmosphere to hear from him. I spent time praying, studying and meditating on his word, I limited the time I spent watching TV, surfing the Internet and being on social media.

I just wanted to clear up every distraction so I don’t miss what he had to say, I heard in my spirit he was going to be saying so much to me at that period so I had to pay attention and listen.

Once God speaks to us either through his words, wisdom or our thoughts, it follows up with peace of mind, relief, joy, and certainty.

It is also important to listen and write down what you have heard because he tells you your purpose and gives instructions on the initial steps to take in achieving that purpose. Have a journal as God will be speaking to you per time and I am almost certain he would not lay out everything you need to know all at once.


Everything I have written so far can only be manifested through obedience to God. when we have asked, believed and listened, we have to obey God’s instruction to see any results.

We would not make any change or achieve anything if we do not obey. Isaiah 1:19 says ”If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land”.

Taking the first step might need lots of courage, strength, faith, and wisdom, it might also involve taking a risk but do not be afraid because God who has given you the instruction has made available all that you need to walk in obedience.

Our purpose in life is in stages and God will surely make available all that we need at every stage to accomplish it and move on to the next stage.

The woman with a purpose

I want to encourage you to take a step of faith in obedience and trust God every step of the way as he gives your life a new direction. I took a step of faith and I have never regretted it that is why I am up at 2 AM writing this post.

I never knew I would write or even own a blog as it is not something I thought I could ever do. When God revealed to me I needed to have this blog, at first I said to myself ”no way, that is not possible”.

I struggled with the thoughts of it initially but when God made it clear why it is so important to share his word and touch the lives of others I got so excited with the assurance he was going to help me.

God has given my life a beautiful meaning and a purpose. I have all that I need to achieve my purpose and conquer the world because I have God. LET HIM HELP YOU.



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